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Its activity is aimed at commercial companies, which intend to expand their catalog with innovative products, and to pharmaceutical companies that need outsourcing the realization of their products. 


Thompson was founded in 1996, on behalf of Enrico Sortino, multinational company manager, with the aim of formulating nutraceutical products, to support overt and chronic diseases, and produce them with high-quality standards, typical of the ethical drug.


Thanks to a professional team of chemists, biologists, pharmacists, technicians and commercials, Thompson is able to carry out its mission: to formulate natural, effective and original products.

service service

Our staff is able to guide you in choosing the best pharmaceutical form, graphics and packaging best suited to your product; moreover, it will support you in the bureaucratic procedures concerning the registration of the trademark, the ministerial notification and the insertion of the product in the databases.

Thompson can make the formulation, according to customer requests, in agreement with the ministerial regulations, that regulate the various types of products, providing besides the technical and scientific preparation, also the knowledge of the market.

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